Beverly Housing Authority: Mission, Core Programs and Services

Hi everyone! My name is Anna, and today I would like to share with you important information about an organization that provides invaluable services in our city – the Beverly Housing Authority (BHA). This article aims to give you an overview of the services and programs offered by BHA, from my own experience of studying, contacting, and working with them.

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The Beverly Housing Authority: Mission and Vision

From my interactions with BHA, I’ve learned that the mission of the Beverly Housing Authority is simple – to provide safe and affordable housing to those who need it most. Their vision is to create vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to find their home.

Working with BHA, I’ve discovered their history – from the noble purpose of addressing the housing needs of the most vulnerable members of our community to achieving significant milestones over the years, making a real impact on countless lives.

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Beverly Housing Authority Programs and Services

I have many clients from Beverly, so I carefully researched the Beverly Housing Authority Programs.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

During my time with BHA, I found out that to participate in the Section 8 program, a family’s income must not exceed 50% of the area median income.

Application Process

Of course, to participate in any program, the participant needs to provide certain documents. In this case, they are quite simple – these are income certificates and documents that confirm your identity and place of residence. I believe that this is just a minimum package of documents, so if you want to participate in the program, the process of collecting documents will take you a minimum of time.

Benefits for Participants Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

I’m confident that participants in the Section 8 program in Beverly Housing Authority receive financial assistance to pay rent, freeing up funds for other necessities such as education or medical care.

Public Housing

I also learned that BHA offers various options for public housing, from apartments to larger family homes, to meet different needs.

From my experience working with BHA, I found that to access public housing, your income must not exceed 80% of the area median income.

In addition to traditional ID documents and bank statements, it’s also important to add Social Security cards and expense receipts. But this does not mean that you need to keep all receipts from stores. All you need to do is add documents about medical expenses, for example.

Be prepared for the fact that in addition to filling out the standard application form, you will also need to permit to disclose your information for data verification.

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Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Through my work with BHA, I know that the Family Self-Sufficiency program aims to help participants achieve financial independence through education, job training, and support.

What will you get by participating in such a program? I propose to briefly go through all the stages.

  1. First, you will have an initial meeting with your BHA case manager. Here you need to prepare, because it is important to tell about all your acquired knowledge and diplomas, and it is also important to say what goal you would like to achieve. I encourage you to set realistic goals. This is very important because it is more achievable.
  2. And after discussing the goals, you can build a plan to achieve them. A BHA staff member will suggest available resources to you. And I highly recommend that you use them.
  3. It is also important not to miss meetings with your supervisor. And they will be regularly. This is where you will review your steps and check your progress. I believe that this is a great chance for success – you are practically led to it by the hand.
  4. One of the unique aspects of the FSS program is the creation of escrow. What is this? This is a kind of encouragement for you. After all, after increasing your income, you do not pay more rent, and these funds are transferred to your account. Once you complete the program and achieve your goals, the funds in the escrow account are yours to use as you wish, which can be a significant financial incentive.

Just imagine how much better you can improve your life. Maybe it’s time to act?

Senior and Disabled Housing

BHA offers specialized housing options designed to meet the unique needs of seniors and disabled individuals, providing safe and comfortable living arrangements.

From my experience, enrolling in the FSS program involves a few key steps.

  • First, you contact BHA to express your interest. You’ll then meet with BHA staff to discuss your financial situation, educational needs, and career goals. Together, you’ll set specific goals and develop a personalized action plan, which includes educational courses, job training, and other resources.
  • You’ll regularly meet with your advisor throughout the program to monitor progress and receive ongoing support.

Beverly Housing Authority: Other Supportive Services

  • You can contact the BHA regarding vocational training. I think it’s very cool that people here are also interested in improving the condition of families by expanding employment opportunities. After all, by improving your professional level, you will definitely be able to find a higher-paying job.
  • You can also contact the BHA for financial advice and even medical help. I think that such an integrated approach to solving people’s problems covers many of their questions and problems, and that’s great.
    Beverly Median Income Limits
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    How to Apply for Beverly Housing Authority Assistance?

    In my experience, it’s crucial to gather all the necessary documents before starting your application. You will need:

    • Identification. This includes a driver’s license, passport, or state ID.
    • Provide recent pay stubs, tax returns, or any documentation that verifies your income for the past year.
    • Proof of Residence. Documents like utility bills, lease agreements, or a letter from your current landlord.

    Based on what I’ve learned from working with BHA, completing the application form accurately is vital for successful submission.

    Here are some key points:

    1. Ensure that your name, address, and contact information are correct and match the documents you provide.
    2. Accurately report your income and provide the necessary documentation.
    3. List all members of your household and provide their identification documents.
    4. Include details about your current and previous housing situations.

    It’s essential to double-check all information for accuracy to avoid delays in processing your application.

    After applying, placement on a waiting list is possible. Patience is important, as waiting times may vary.

    Applicants may undergo an interview and verification process to confirm eligibility and the accuracy of provided information.

    Submitting documents on time can expedite the process and reduce waiting time. It’s important to promptly inform BHA of any changes in income or family status to maintain program eligibility.

    Adhering to program rules and requirements is essential to maintain participation and receive further assistance.

    How to Reach the Beverly Housing Authority: Contact Information and Resources

    For your convenience, I am providing you with all the important information from the official website of the Beverly Housing Authority portal.

    BHA offices are located at:

    • Address: 137 Bridge Street, Beverly, MA, 01915, USA
    • Phone Numbers:
      • Main: +1 (978) 922-3100
      • Maintenance 24/7: +1 (978) 922-1803
      • Fax: +1 (978) 921-2121
    • Email:

    Hours for applicants to contact the Housing Authority:

    • Monday – Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Thursday: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
    • Friday: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
    • Saturday and Sunday – Closed
    Beverly Housing Authority
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    My clients’ success stories with Beverly Housing Authority

    Drawing from my experience working with BHA, I want to share a few impressive success stories of participants in their programs:

    Richard and his family have faced a challenging journey in search of stability in life. Thanks to the Section 8 program, they had the opportunity to find suitable housing and secure their family. With BHA’s support, Richard found a new job and provided his family with a stable income.

    Lilia, who moved to the US from another country, encountered significant difficulties in finding housing and employment. Through the Family Self-Sufficiency program, she not only obtained housing but also received training and found a job that matched her skills and experience.

    These stories were made possible thanks to the support and programs provided by the Beverly Housing Authority.


    I would like to emphasize that the Beverly Housing Authority plays a crucial role in the lives of our fellow residents by providing housing assistance and support to those who need it most. I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore their programs and share this information with you.

    I hope this article will be helpful to those seeking housing assistance or to anyone who may know someone in need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Beverly Housing Authority and explore their resources for additional information and support.


    What is the Beverly Housing Authority?

    The Beverly Housing Authority (BHA) is a public agency that provides affordable housing and rental assistance to low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities in Beverly, Massachusetts.

    What types of housing programs does the BHA offer?

    The BHA offers several programs, including Public Housing, the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, and state-funded rental assistance programs.

    Are there any special programs for seniors or individuals with disabilities?

    Yes, the BHA offers housing specifically for seniors and individuals with disabilities through both Public Housing and Section 8 programs.

    How do I apply for housing with the BHA?

    You can apply for housing by visiting the BHA office to pick up an application or by downloading the application form from the BHA website. Completed applications can be submitted in person or by mail.

    Is there a waiting list for housing?

    Yes, due to high demand, there is usually a waiting list for both Public Housing and Section 8 programs. Waiting times can vary based on the program and the applicant’s situation.

    How can I check my status on the waiting list?

    You can check your status on the waiting list by contacting the BHA office directly.

    Are there any resources available to help me find employment or other services?

    Yes, the BHA can provide information about local resources for employment, education, and social services. Contact the BHA office for more details.

    How can I get involved with the BHA?

    Tenants can get involved by attending BHA meetings, joining resident councils, or participating in community events. Contact the BHA office for more information on how to get involved.

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