Can You Get Section 8 With a Felony? Read the Interesting Facts

A felony charge can be a significant barrier to the Section 8 housing program. However, it is possible to get Section 8 with a felony.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get Section 8 with a felony, look at the requirements you need to meet, and share some tips that will help you apply for benefits.

Can You Get Section 8 With a Felony

Looking for Section 8 Housing With a Felony?

If you have a felony, your housing options are very limited. However, it is still possible in most cases to apply and be eligible for Section 8 Housing.

One of the most common questions we receive is “can you get section 8 with a felony?” The answer is yes if you meet certain qualifications.

As long as one year has passed since you committed the crime, and you have been released from prison on parole or probation, you can apply for Section 8 Housing.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

  1. If the crime was violent or sexual in nature, it’s likely that you won’t qualify.
  2. Also, if you were convicted of selling drugs on the property of a federally assisted housing program (such as Section 8) or anywhere within 1,000 feet of federally assisted housing program property, then your application will also be denied.

Can Felons Apply for Section 8?

While it is possible to apply for Section 8 Housing with a felony, the process is a bit different than applying for other housing. There are many factors to consider when applying, and having a felony will limit your options.

Criteria for Applying Section 8 Housing With a Felony

There are a few criteria that you must meet before applying for Section 8 Housing with a felony on your record:

Criteria for Applying Section 8 Housing With a Felony
  • You have been living in the United States legally for at least 5 years.
  • You have lived in the state where you want to apply for at least one year (some states require more than one year)
  • Your felony was not related to the manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs.
  • Your felony was not related to violent behavior or sexual misconduct.

How Can I Apply?

You may be able to apply for public housing with a felony on your record. The Housing Authority may consider the type of crime and how long ago it was committed.

You must complete a written application to apply for public housing. The application is usually available to fill out online or at the local housing authority office.

You can apply for Section 8 housing with a felony record by following these steps:

  1. Check your eligibility for the program by looking at income requirements as well as whether or not you are currently using illegal drugs.
  2. Fill out all of the forms provided by your local public housing authority in order to apply for Section 8 benefits.

You’ll be asked to list:

  • your name, address and phone number
  • the names, ages and relationships of any other people who would live with you in public housing
  • your income sources and amounts
  • any special needs or circumstances you have

3. Once an application has been submitted, applicants are placed on a waiting list.
4. Once a voucher becomes available, applicants will be contacted by their local PHA.

If you have a record, you should expect that the Housing Authority will conduct a background check before deciding whether to approve your application. If the Housing Authority approves your application, they will place you on a waitlist while they find public housing that is available for you.

Learn Best Way to Get Section 8 With a Felony

However, there are still ways to apply for Section 8 Housing with a felony. Each state has its own rules about eligibility for Section 8 Housing, so it is important to check with your local housing authority before you apply.

Quick & Best Way get section 8 with a felony

  1. The best way to get section 8 with a felony is to get a lawyer. You can try to apply by yourself, but if you have any problems with the application then a lawyer will be able to help you out.
  2. The truth is that there are many people who need help with their section 8 voucher. There are also people who don’t really understand how it works and how they can make it work for them. So, if you have a felony, the best thing for you to do is get a lawyer who can help you out.

5 Ways You Can Get Approved For Section With a Felony

There are many ways you can improve your application and maximize your chances of getting section 8 housing even with a felony conviction history. Below we’ll discuss 5 different ways you can get approved for Section 8 Housing with a Felony Conviction:

  1. Write a detailed letter explaining your situation and why you deserve housing.
  2. Look for other low income housing alternatives.
  3. Apply to the PHA’s (Public Housing Authorities) more lenient in regards to felons securing Section 8 Housing.
  4. Obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation, if eligible, or a pardon from the governor of your state, if possible.
  5. Apply only after your criminal record has been expunged (in some states), or after 3-7 years have passed since your conviction (depending on the state).

What Will Disqualify You From Section 8

Below we’ll discuss more what will disqualify you from section 8, including:

  1. Types of felonies that will affect your eligibility.
  2. How to navigate the application process.
  3. Additional resources to help you through the process.

Read a Detailed article on what will disqualify you from section 8 Here.

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