The Greenburgh Housing Authority: Ensuring Affordable Housing for All

Hi everyone! Today, I would like to share some insights into the Greenburgh Housing Authority (GHA), an organization that’s making a significant impact on our community by ensuring affordable housing for all. Living in Greenburgh, I’ve seen firsthand how critical affordable housing is to our area’s wellbeing. This article will delve into GHA’s initiatives and programs, highlighting their crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for many residents.

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History and Background of GHA

The Greenburgh Housing Authority was created in 1952. And even then it successfully solved problems with affordable housing in the region (including of course the Section 8 program). But over the years, the housing authority has made significant expansions and improvements to now provide a wide range of different options.

1952GHA was founded
1961s-70sExpansion of housing projects to include family units and senior accommodations
1990sMajor modernization efforts to upgrade existing housing stock
2010sIntroduction of new programs aimed at homeownership and financial literacy for residents

These milestones reflect GHA’s ongoing commitment to evolving and adapting to the community’s needs.

Greenburgh Housing Authority: Current Housing Projects

One of the most noteworthy projects is the Manhattan Avenue Senior Apartments. This project has recently undergone a major expansion and modernization effort, demonstrating GHA’s dedication to providing high-quality living conditions for our senior citizens.

Project NameDescription
Manhattan Avenue Senior Apartments70 expanded units with modern amenities, completed in April 2024
Maple Street ApartmentsRecently renovated to include improved security features and updated living spaces
Greenburgh HeightsA mixed-income housing project aimed at integrating affordable units within the community. Offers 36 units of affordable housing for families.
Maple Street Domestic Hot Water UpgradesInfrastructure improvement project ensuring reliable hot water services.
Maple Street Playground ImprovementsEnhancing playground facilities to provide a safe and fun environment for children
Maple Street Broadband ProjectImplementing high-speed internet access to all units to bridge the digital divide
Glenville GardensCommunity housing project providing family-friendly affordable housing options
Merrill Hill CourtsRecently modernized units focused on low-income families and individuals
Secor HeightsSenior living community with enhanced accessibility features
Stacy CourtsFamily-oriented community with upgraded amenities and support services
Greenburgh Housing Authority
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Greenburgh Housing Authority: Services and Programs

GHA offers a variety of services and programs designed to support residents and enhance their quality of life. Here’s an overview:

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher ProgramHelps low-income families afford private market rents through vouchers and subsidies. The family contributes 30-40% of their income towards rent, while the voucher covers the rest.
Homeownership ProgramsAssists residents in purchasing their own homes with financial education and down payment assistance
Support ServicesProvides job training, financial literacy workshops, and healthcare services

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Based on family size, must meet specific low-income thresholds. For instance, a family of four must have an income below $53,700 to qualify.
  • Preference is given to current Greenburgh residents or those employed in the area.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have eligible immigration status.

Application Process

Everything here is very convenient and comfortable. You can do everything online. On the portal, it is important to check whether there are open waiting lists and submit an application. Upon confirmation, you will receive a letter with an invitation to an interview and a list of documents that you need to take with you. Be sure to study all documents and do not forget them.

    For more details, you can visit the GHA website or contact their office at 9 Maple Street White Plains, N.Y. 10603, Phone: (914) 946-2110. Maintenance Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm (Summer Maintenance Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm). Also, you may find more information or another type of help in various housing resources.

    Community and Partner Involvement

    The success of GHA is not just due to its internal efforts but also because of its strong partnerships with various stakeholders:

    Partner TypeRole
    Local GovernmentCollaborates closely with the Greenburgh Town Council to secure funding and policy support
    Private SectorPartners with businesses and developers to create innovative housing solutions
    Non-Profit OrganizationsEnhances support services available to residents through collaborations

    For instance, the recent modernization of the senior housing was supported by both state funds and private donations, showcasing the power of public-private partnerships.

    Greenburgh Housing Authority Future Plans

    Looking ahead, GHA has several ambitious plans to further expand affordable housing in Greenburgh:

    Upcoming ProjectsNew developments focused on sustainable, energy-efficient housing solutions
    Expansion GoalsIncrease availability of affordable housing units by 25% over the next five years
    Long-Term VisionContinue improving the quality of life for residents through enhanced services and upgraded living conditions

    By pursuing these goals, GHA aims to make a lasting, positive impact on the Greenburgh community.

    Plans of GHA
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    Greenburgh Housing Authority Success Stories

    The impact of GHA’s work is best understood through the stories of those who have benefitted from their programs. One such story is from Maria Lopez, a resident of the Manhattan Avenue Senior Apartments:

    “Since moving here, I’ve found a new sense of community and security. The modern amenities and supportive environment have made a world of difference in my daily life.”

    Similarly, John and Lisa Thompson, who benefited from the homeownership program, shared:

    “GHA has given us the stability we needed. The financial education workshops and down payment assistance made it possible for us to buy our first home. It’s been a dream come true.”

    These personal stories underscore the profound difference GHA makes in the lives of Greenburgh residents.


    The Greenburgh Housing Authority plays a crucial role in our community, providing essential services that improve the quality of life for many residents. Their work ensures that everyone, regardless of income, has access to safe, affordable housing. Supporting GHA means investing in a stronger, more inclusive community.


    What documents are required to apply GHA’s programs?

    Generally, you will need to provide proof of identity, income, residency, and household composition. This may include ID cards, pay stubs, tax returns, and utility bills.

    Who is eligible for GHA housing?

    Eligibility is based on income limits, household size, and other criteria such as citizenship status and background checks. The income limits are set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

    Is there a waiting list for GHA housing?

    Yes, there is often a waiting list for both public housing and Section 8 vouchers due to high demand.

    What are the responsibilities of GHA tenants?

    Tenants must comply with their lease terms, pay rent on time, maintain their unit in good condition, and report any changes in household income or composition to the GHA.

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