How Long Can Someone Stay With You on Section 8?

Under the law, you’re allowed to have someone stay with you for more than 14 days. But that doesn’t mean you can have them stay indefinitely. Your lease may set a limit on how long guests can stay with you, and if you violate it, your Section 8 subsidy could be at risk.

How Long Can Someone Stay With You on Section 8

Section 8 Tenants Must Notify the PHA of Guests

According to the law governing Section 8 housing vouchers (42 U.S. Code 1382b(a)(2)(B)), tenants must notify their local Public Housing Agency (PHA) before any guests stay with them for more than 14 days in a 12-month period. The law requires tenants to report the following information:

  • The guest’s name
  • The guest’s relationship to the tenant
  • The length of time they will be staying in the property

A tenant may lose their voucher if they fail to comply with this requirement. Furthermore, failure to provide this information allows the PHA to terminate assistance payments at any time without notice, according to HUD Handbook 4350.3, Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs, section 5-11(D).

If You Have a Lease Agreement, Be Sure You Comply. For a deeper understanding of Section 8 guest regulations and how they affect your lease, you can learn more about it here: Who can live with you on Section 8.

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