Pineville Housing Authority: Open the Door to a New Life

Hello everyone! My name is Anna, I am a realtor, and I run this blog to share valuable information and stories from my experience. Today, I want to tell you about the Pineville Housing Authority (PHA) and its services and programs that can change your life for the better. I’ll share my opinions and advice on how to make the most of these opportunities.

Pineville Housing Authority
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The Pineville Housing Authority: Mission and Vision

The Pineville Housing Authority’s goal is to provide affordable and quality housing for all Pineville residents, especially those who need help the most. They strive to create stable and safe communities where every resident has the opportunity to thrive.

I have always admired their approach to creating comfort and safety for residents. It’s not just about housing; it’s about creating a real home.

PHA was established many years ago to provide housing for low-income populations. Over time, the organization has achieved significant success, expanding its programs and services to reach more families and individuals in need. One of their key achievements is the creation of stable housing complexes and partnerships with various community organizations.

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The Pineville Housing Authority: Programs and Services

During my work, I have studied enough functions and programs of this institution, so it’s time for you to get to know them better.

Programs For Low-Income Families
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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

I have been working with this program for a very long time and the Pineville Housing Authority also provides housing for low-income individuals and families.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The family’s income must not exceed 50% of the area’s median income.
  • The family must consist of U.S. citizens or certain categories of immigrants.
  • No serious criminal offenses in the past.

Application Process

  1. Visit the PHA office or their website to get the preliminary application form.
  2. After completing it, submit the application in person or online.
  3. Once submitted, you will be notified if you meet the program requirements.
  4. If your application meets the criteria, you will be invited for an interview for further verification.

Benefits for Participants

  • The opportunity to choose housing on the private market.
  • Significant financial support for renting a home.

I always advise my clients to consider this program if they meet the requirements. It’s a great opportunity to find decent housing with financial support.

Public Housing

PHA offers various housing options, including apartments and houses, located in safe and convenient areas.

Application Process

  1. Obtain the application form at the PHA office or on their website.
  2. Provide documents that verify your income and citizenship status.
  3. After submitting your application, you may be placed on a waiting list.
  4. If selected, you will be offered a lease agreement.

For many of my clients, this was the first step toward stability. Public housing can be a temporary solution that allows you to save resources for future development.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This is an excellent option for human development. After all, here you will find training options that you can use in the future to improve working conditions. Cool, isn’t it? My clients improved their skills so much that in just a couple of months they were able to climb the career ladder.

In order to find the necessary courses, you will need to communicate with the curator according to your needs and follow the plan outlined by the specialist. You are actually being led by the hand to success.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
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Senior and Disabled Housing

PHA offers comfortable and accessible housing options for seniors and disabled individuals, considering their special needs.

Application Process

  1. Provide medical certificates and documents that verify your income.
  2. Obtain and complete the application at the PHA office or on their website.
  3. our application will be reviewed to ensure it meets program criteria.

These housing options ensure comfort and accessibility, which is very important for people with special needs. I advise not delaying your application as demand for these housing units is always high.

Other Supportive Services

PHA also offers various educational and training programs and collaborates with other organizations to provide additional resources, such as skills training courses and employment programs.

These programs can be an excellent additional resource for those seeking to improve their lives. I like that PHA not only provides housing but also helps people develop and achieve new heights.

Pineville Housing Authority: What to Expect After Applying?

  • If your application is accepted, you may be placed on a waiting list. The waiting period depends on the current program load.
  • After being placed on the waiting list, you will be invited for an interview to verify the information provided. Be prepared to submit additional documents if required.
  • Remember, patience and preparation are key factors in this process. I always advise my clients to be ready for additional requests and to thoroughly check their documents.

Tips for Applicants

  • Make sure you have provided all necessary documents.
  • Don’t delay submitting your application to avoid delays.
  • Regularly notify PHA of any changes in income or family composition.
  • Adhere to all program requirements to maintain eligibility.

I often see people miss out on assistance due to small mistakes or late submission of documents. Be attentive and organized – this will help avoid unnecessary problems.

How to Reach PHA?

Office: 911 Alabama Avenue, Pineville, Kentucky 40977, United States

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Lunch 12 PM to 1 PM)

Phone: (606)-337-2900

Many families have shared their stories about how PHA programs helped them find stable housing and improve their quality of life. For example, the Smith family, thanks to the Section 8 program, was able to move to a safe neighborhood where their children now attend a better school.

These success stories prove that help exists and it really works. It’s always inspiring to see how people’s lives change for the better thanks to these programs.

PHA constantly works on community development through various projects and partnerships. They not only provide housing but also help develop infrastructure and improve living conditions for all residents.


PHA offers a wide range of programs and services to provide affordable housing. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to apply.

If you or someone you know needs housing support, contact the Pineville Housing Authority. This can be the first step toward a new, better life.

I hope this article has been useful to you. Stay tuned for more valuable information and success stories!

Best wishes, Anna


Who qualifies for housing assistance from PHA?

Eligibility for housing assistance from PHA is based on factors such as income level, family size, and citizenship status. To determine eligibility, individuals and families must submit an application and meet specific criteria outlined by PHA.

What types of housing does PHA offer?

PHA offers a variety of housing options, including public housing units and rental assistance programs such as the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8), designed to help eligible individuals and families afford private rental housing.

What are the responsibilities of tenants in PHA housing?

Tenants in PHA housing are responsible for complying with the terms of their lease agreement, maintaining the cleanliness and condition of their unit, and adhering to PHA’s rules and regulations. Additionally, tenants are required to pay their portion of the rent on time each month.

an I transfer to a different PHA property if needed?

In some cases, tenants may be eligible to transfer to a different PHA property if there is a valid reason, such as a change in family size or medical necessity. However, transfers are subject to availability and PHA’s transfer policies.

What resources are available for residents of PHA housing?

PHA may offer resources and programs to support the well-being and self-sufficiency of its residents, such as job training, educational opportunities, and access to community services. Residents can inquire about available resources through the PHA office.

What happens if my income changes while I am receiving housing assistance from PHA?

If your income changes while receiving housing assistance from PHA, you are required to report the change to PHA promptly. Depending on the nature of the change, adjustments may be made to your rent or housing assistance.

How can I contact PHA for more information?

For more information about housing assistance programs offered by PHA, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, individuals can contact the PHA office by phone, website, or in person during office hours.

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