Section 8


By Anna Smith

Section 8 is not the same for everyone. What plays a role here is your income and the size of the family with whom you plan to live in a subsidized house. Typically, income must be below 50% of the area median income.

I have had several clients from Peekskill this year and I can say that the Peekskill Housing Authority (PHA) is very good at working with landlords and processing applications quickly. I also read positive reviews online and on their website. So if you have a housing and money problem, I encourage you to contact the Peekskill Housing Authority.




Applying For Section 8 In Peekskill: Step-By-Step Guide 1. Visit the Peekskill Housing Authority’s office or their website to get the application form. 2. Fill out the application with accurate information about your identification, household size, income, and other relevant details. More...



My Secrets For You To Definitely Achieve Success – Check the documents carefully to ensure that the information is correct and reliable. Please check that your name and address are spelled correctly in your application and that you provide the correct email and telephone number. More...

Single-Family Homes




How Does Peekskill Section 8 PHA Determine How Much Rent I Pay? Generally, Section 8 tenants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income towards rent and utilities. The housing authority covers the rest, up to the local payment standard. More...



If you or someone you know needs affordable housing, don’t hesitate to apply. Remember, I’m here to help guide you through every step of the way.

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