When Is Section 8 Open? Where you Need to Check openings

When Is Section 8 Open? The Section 8 application is open at all times. The waiting list, however, is not always open. If you cannot apply during the time that the waiting list is open, you may place yourself on the interest list. You can find out when the waiting list will be open next by visiting the website of your local Public Housing Agency (PHA).

When is Section 8 Open

Each local PHA has its own application period. The PHA may have an application period once a year or less often (for example, every three years).

The time that the application is open varies by location. When you call or visit your local PHA, they are accepting applications and find out when they are planning to close waiting lists.

Keep an Eye Out for the Next Opening

There are only 2,000 spots available in Section 8 housing, and they’re usually filled within 48 hours of the application window opening. You can check with your local housing authority if you want to know when applications will be accepted next.

The next Section 8 housing waiting list opening date is not known at this time. You may check back here or call your local housing authority for more information.

Looks like you’ve missed your chance for this round. But don’t worry, there will be another opportunity coming up soon.

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    I am wanting to be notified when Phoenix Arizona waiting list or interest list will be opened..

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    I am wanting to be notified when Honolulu waiting list or interest list will be open…

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